For those intolerant to gluten, the protein composite in foods made from wheat, barley or rye products, beer is basically the devil. Most brews are made from fermenting cereals such as a malted barley and wheat, making most a tall, cold pint of dietary hell. Fortunately, Boulder, CO-based New Planet Beer Company offers a line of gluten-free craft beer that they’re rolling out throughout the west and Rock Mountain markets.

The latest, Off Grid Pale Ale, riffs on the classic pale ale with a recipe from sorghum and brown rice extract, molasses, tapioca maltodextrin, caramel color, hops and, of course, yeast. According to BeerAdvocate, the beer boasts a lean-ish170 calories and is 5% ABV. Dedicated to the gluten-free premise (owing to the dietary needs of its founder, Pedro Gonzalez), the family-owned brewery also produces a Pilsner-esque made from sorghum and corn extract, hops, orange peel, and yeast; and a raspberry fruit ale is made from sorghum and corn extract, raspberry puree, orange peel, hops, and yeast.

Says Gonzalez, “We’ve had an overwhelming request for a hoppy gluten-free beer, so we’re thrilled to provide a pale ale with a nice hoppy aroma and flavor from a wonderful mix of centennial, sterling, and cascade hops. We are excited to get this beer out to our fans.”

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