Gwyneth-Paltrow 26

Gluten Paltrow

Given the recent ubiquity of Gwyneth Paltrow (from Glee to the Oscars and her pro-mommy-lifestyle-themed newsletter GOOP), it’s a wonder that the “G” in the so-called “G-Free” diet doesn’t stand for her first name. Or for that matter, why hasn’t Ms. Paltrow changed her name to “Gluten,” which would not only evoke her dedication to the diet but somehow not seem odd given her children’s names?

Indeed, the gluten-free diet seems to be all the rage at present. Used to be that gluten-free diets were once the domain of those dealing with celiac disease. Now, however, consumer research group the Hartman Group reports 93% of gluten-free dieters have never been diagnosed with celiac. Instead, it’s just cool. Why? It wouldn’t seem there would be an upside in the weight-loss arena seeing as many g-free foods replace the gluten-laden wheat flour with other carb-heavy starches. Perhaps it’s merely g-free acolytes like Paltrow who have helped create a market for g-free foods to which consumers are attracted simply because products free of anything have the ring of healthfulness to them. Arsenic-free pancakes? Yes! Cyanide-free yogurt? Get me a spoon! Would a gluten-free product by any other name taste as sweet? Perhaps not but ye olde celiac disease won’t bug you.

Here's a recent GOOP article with a G-Free hook.

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