Instant gratification.

For those on gluten- and wheat-free diets, the ultimate comfort food – mac ‘n’ cheese! –has long been verboten. Thankfully, a couple of California-based companies (where else?) have brought a couple of alternatives to the market.

Annie’s Homegrown, known for its Vermont white cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese and iconic “Bernie the Bunny”, now offers a line of gluten-free products sure to make those with an intolerance to wheat-based foods say “yum,” or whatever a rabbit might say. Among them are Annie’s Rice Pasta & Cheddar, which is indistinguishable from its more traditional cousin. Moreover, a splash of milk and some boiling water and you’re in business in under 9 minutes.

Likewise, Amy’s, the health-conscious maker of frozen and canned foods, proffers an organic and microwavable Rice Mac ‘n’ Cheese that clocks in under four minutes for prep-time. Lauded for it’s thick, cheesy sauce (cheddar-based a la the orange Kraft varities), Amy’s is as close to an “instant,” gluten-free mac ‘n’ cheese fix as possible –barring some far off futuristic Star Trek replicator technology (hey, it took years to get gluten-free mac ‘n’ cheese people –we can be patient).

Those with more time on their hands are advised to make from scratch – here’s a Macaroni_and_Cheese recipe.

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